torsdag 8 april 2010

Hållbar palmolja och greenpeace

Kampanjen om palmolja fortsätter och jag vet fortfarande inte om min tartexsmörgås ska ätas med dåligt samvete eller inte. Jag mailade Greenpeace UK som ligger bakom den aktuella Anti-Nestlékampanjen för att få reda på mer om vad man faktiskt kan göra, det här är mitt mail:

Thank you for this campaign, I have signed and spread the word. I would be delighted if you could answer som questions on palm oil. I want to find out more on sustainable palm oil, I wonder if you know where and how organic palm oil is grown, how it is certified and if this actally is a "climate smart" alternative or if it is a bit of a green wash, should palm oil perhaps be replaced by something else or can I buy products with organic palm oil and keep a clean conscience?

If you have any info, I would be very grateful.
Regards, Marie

Svaret lyder som följer:


It is really hard to source any products made using organic palm oil – it is sourced in Ecuador and Lush do use it – but you need to ask the companies you use what they do. Palm oil is widely used because it is cheap and versatile – although there are some hints at it being less healthy top consume than other oils – although this isn’t a campaign we have urn.
To be honest – I think the safest assumption is that if it just says veg oil on the ingredients then it is probably palm oil and it won’t be sustainable – very few sources are. Which is why we are doing this campaign because there needs to be sustainability in the production or we will face losing the last valuable tract of forests. Anything that says it is organic should have soil assoc labeling and as such needs to be able to provide proper chain of custody to prove what they say

Thanks and best wishes
Issy Griffin
Supporter Services
Greenpeace UK

Svaret är alltså att mailtracka alla företag tills man får reda på var de egentligen får sin palmolja ifrån.

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Karin sa...

Palmolja - jag hatar att det är så svårt att avstå från och veta var den kommer ifrån. Det känns som det är palmolja i allt!